How does it work? 


If we posted an event you attended, we filmed everyone, including you. The videos are not uploaded anywhere to be displayed before the purchase (except for the selection, which we share on Facebook or Instagram). We take a large number of shots at each event and then edit them only after your selection.


Did you record me? 


If you competed at the competitions we took part in, we took pictures of you and filmed you! On the main page you can find a list of events we have attended and which we will attend in the future.

I have competed already, is it too late to buy videos?


No way! We take shots of each competitor at each event and store them all indefinitely (with a few exceptions). Orders can be placed at any time before or after the competition.


How long will it take to get my video?


For smaller events (60 competitors or less) it usually takes 1-2 weeks. For larger events (60-150 competitors) it may take 2-3 weeks. We review orders chronologically, so if you want to have your video as soon as possible after the competition, it's best to place an order in advance!


Where do I get my video?


We will send you your video by email, so when ordering, make sure you have entered it correctly! Sometimes our emails end up in your spam filter, so check it out.


Can I choose music in my video?


Social media websites automatically remove videos with copyrighted music, which means that the song you had in mind may not be available anywhere online. We have a subscription to the Artlist.io music library.


Is it possible to shoot a video from the training?


Yes, just write to powervideo.office@gmail.com and we may arrange a date and price for the shoot.